Poetry Reading 2: Three-Penny Memories, “Hyperion Raises Doubts”

Hello and Welcome! I invite you to listen to my discussion of Chapter 1 in my debut poetry book, Three-Penny Memories: A Poetic Memoir, and my reading of my poem “Hyperion Raises Doubts”. The audio explains the themes and stories in Chapter 1. The audio is around 10 minutes long.

Upcoming Launch Events for “Three-Penny Memories”

Friday, September 30: Recording 3 from Chapter 2

Friday, October 7: Recording 4 from Chapter 3

Saturday, October 15: “Three- Penny Memories” launches on Amazon! You can purchase it in Kindle or paperback formats. We will also have a virtual launch event and both Ingrid Wilson (Experiments in Fiction) and I will post the details and Zoom link soon. I hope you join us for the live launch party! You’ve been very important to me on this journey. ♥️

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Three-Penny Memories, Chapter 1, “Hyperion Raises Doubts”

12 thoughts on “Poetry Reading 2: Three-Penny Memories, “Hyperion Raises Doubts”

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  1. Barbara. Again. Splendid! I’m sure this will be a book of healing. Surely, you’re not alone— though you might feel as if you are. You will do wonders for people with this book.
    You’re authentic. I can tell. Your recording reveals plenty. How generous of you, dear Barbara. I bless you for sharing your story. Wow. Tremendous. Looking forward to interacting with you. Keep going sweet one.

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