A Call for Amazon Reviews of Three-Penny Memories

As you know, I published a poetic memoir on Amazon. Because it’s mainly about my caregiving to Mom when she had Alzheimer’s, I contacted the Alzheimer’s Society to see about an interview. There are a few requirements. One is to get 5 to 10 positive reviews. I have five positive reviews from esteemed poets and editors and more on the way. However, the Alzheimer’s Authors Group prefers reviews on Amazon as they doubt critical reviews. They think people pay for them. Personally, I doubt some reviews on Amazon. What do you think?

In any case, I’m making a request that if you happen buy the book on Amazon and like it, would you review it on Amazon? I would like to share my story with other families with loved ones with Alzheimer’s eventually, and getting Amazon reviews is the first step toward working with the Alzheimer’s Association. Then there are other requirements I have to meet, and it may take months before my book is even considered.

I’m not sure of word length. They are looking for an average 4.0 rating. They feature quality resources and look at reviews, star rating, rank, reader comments, and probably the quality of the review. For your convenience, here is the book link.

Thank you so much if you consider this request.

On another note, another physical condition I cover in my book is measles encephalitis. The Encephalitis Society has been easy to work with. They featured my story on their website this past Friday and asked me to help them out in February for World Encephalitis Day.

I wish you all the best! Thank you for the support!

Barbara Harris Leonhard

Amazon Best-Selling Author

Three-Penny Memories: A Poetic Memoir, (EIF-Experiments in Fiction, 2022)

Pushcart Poet Nominee, 2022

Facebook: Barbara Harris Leonhard /barbara.leonhard

Twitter: @BarbaraLeonhar4

Instagram: @meelosmom123

Linked In: ExtraordinarySunshineWeaver

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11 thoughts on “A Call for Amazon Reviews of Three-Penny Memories

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    1. Oh, Selma! Thank you so much! Your words mean a great deal to me. Your review shows you understand exactly how I felt. Also, you also noticed the three-word clauses, a technique I learned in a memoir class, Memoir Writing, Ink, taught by Alison Wearing. I definitely used that method for tension and also relaxed some liens to give the reader, and myself, relief.
      I love how you “read it three times and fell in love with it three times”, keeping to the triad.
      Your Amazon review will help me move closer to the goal of reaching out to the Alzheimer’s Association as the Alzheimer’s Authors want 5 to 10 positive reviews on Amazon exclusively. I appreciate you! ♥️♥️♥️


    1. Thank you so much! I’m want the Alzheimer’s Association to feature my book somehow so as to share my story, but I need up to 10 positive written Amazon reviews. They have several requirements for me to be considered an Alzheimer’s Author. But my main goal is to spread awareness, not to compete with Alzheimer’s Authors on Amazon.

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