New Earth By Barbara Leonhard

The summer’s remaining bounty, harvested for the season’s last soup. Though the sun is low, fruit grips the vine, and kale fights like a hardy … (Please read on ….)

New Earth By barbara Leonhard

Thank you, Juan Re Crivello, for publishing my poem today on Gobblers & Masticadores!

Juan is the creator and Director of Masticadores, and he oversees several editions in different languages worldwide. You can see them listed in our mastheads.

A couple of months ago, Gabriela Marie Milton, Editor for Masticadores USA, tapped me to replace her as she has built an amazing new publishing house called Literary Revelations. Juan accepted me into the Masticadores family, and I’m so grateful.

All the editors, whom I can keep up with on Whats App and my contributors have been so kind and loving. Their support shown to writers is truly special.

Masticadores USA is under two years old and growing. I would like to double the subscriptions and triple the views this year. Because the contributors are so talented, I’m sure I can reach this goal.

Masticadores has a quarter of a million views. This year, Masticadores USA has had 27.2 K viewers, up 118% from 2021, owing to Gabriela’s hard work. I hope to add to her success.

However, numbers are not important.What truly matters is the joy we bring to our creative endeavors. I’ve added the submission guidelines for MasticadoresUSA below. Please consider submitting and joining this awesome community. Like, share, reblog, subscribe!

Warmly, Barbara

Amazon Best-Selling Author

Three-Penny Memories: A Poetic Memoir (EIF-Experiments in Fiction, 2022)

Pushcart Nominee, 2022

MasticadoresUSA is open for submissions. Send your submissions to

Facebook: Barbara Harris Leonhard /barbara.leonhard

Twitter: @BarbaraLeonhar4

Instagram: @meelosmom123

Linked In: ExtraordinarySunshineWeaver


Images: by GDJ on Pixabay

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