A Love Letter to Mom: an Ameri-Ku by Barbara Harris Leonhard — Hotel

Juan Re Crivello, the Director and Head Editor for Masticadores, has a new Masticadores blog called Hotel Masticadores House. It is open for submissions for works on grief. I just happened to be working on another poem, an Ameri-Ku, about me and Mom, so I submitted it. Thank you, Juan, for publishing my poem!

Submit to Juan Re Crivello. Here’s his email address. Send the poem/ work, bio, author image, and a feature image with creator given. In the subject line, say Submission to Hotel.  fleminglabwork@gmail.com

I invite you to read my Ameri- ku about me and my mother. …..

I see you in the mirror. Our face, our lush curves, the same landscape. Cast from the same mold. Figurines gently coaxed out of ancient soil. The daughters of Venus. You bore many worlds. Our home of babies wailing and teething. I was your lady in waiting. Waiting on you and waiting for my own […]

A Love Letter to Mom: an Ameri-Ku by Barbara Harris Leonhard — Hotel

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