Visiting a Children’s Memorial Garden

I have a poem up on Spillwords today. It’s a headliner! Thank you, Dagmara K at! This poem is based on personal experience. Locals in my city know Memorial Cemetary on the Business Loop. There’s a children’s gravesite along side the road. I always passed it on my way to see Mom at the Terrace. I stopped to visit the children’s graves with more toys on occasion. Although this poem is based on my personal experience, I intend for it to have universal significance. Child mortality is up for many reasons, such as poverty, disparities in health care for pregnant women, war, and gun violence.

Please continue to to read my poem.

Visiting a Children’s Memorial Garden written by: Barbara Harris Leonhard @BarbaraLeonhar4   Tiny gravestones gently placed on mounds of raised hopes – dashed. Angels with infant wings kneel atop these grand little beds pillowed by soil wet from tears. Stuffed bears, backpacks, dolls dressed in lace. Unopened birthday gifts. Holiday treasures. Tumbled by wind and…

Visiting a Children’s Memorial Garden — Spillwords

My featured image is my personal collage art.

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