What is Healing?

What is healing but
The stabbing to death of pain,
The banishment of shadows,
The release of sorrows,
The burning of poison arrows.

The diseased are their own healers.
Healing requires arbitration and litigation,
For Illness takes possession
As the unwelcome tenant in the temple,
Stripping away a clean visage,
Creating squalor and decay,
Planting bramble in the garden,
Making infertile the soil;
Evading eviction, and even
Dismissing kind offers for other accommodations.

Illness commandeers the ego,
Becoming its own soul.
This unwelcome tenant deceives,
Creating attachments,
Becoming dependable,
Appearing useful,
Providing false amenities, while
Ordering demolition to your heart.
And in so doing,
Laying claim to your prosperity.

But healers can vanquish this tyrant
From their sacred property
Once they know their powers, for
It is the landlord who holds
The keys to the mansion and
The one who can open the gate.

Healer, awaken;
Heal yourself.
Break this unholy contract
Wrought by the thief
Inhabiting your house and
Garnishing your treasures.
“Out, unwelcome tenant!
This is my hallowed ground!
Be gone with your moldy tools
Of destruction and deception.
Though you won’t go easily,
You are forgiven.
May you find the Light.”

Healing is letting go
Of that which does not serve,
Of that which does not align,
Of that which is unholy
To your divine.
For you say,
“I AM healthy.
I AM healed.
I AM whole.
I AM perfect.”

Copyright © July 24, 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard

Image: http://www.miketurnerphotos.co.uk/st-etienne-abandoned-church/


Image: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Key_(lock)


Image: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/261068109623574865/


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