Poetry Podcast – Seeking Light: Mindful Presence

Hello, everyone,

I have a new memoir up on my poetry podcast called Seeking Light: Mindful Presence. This memoir reveals how poets seek light, the mindful presence, in their poetry.  Being present to the NOW fosters insights and promotes healing.


“Poetry: The Memoir of the Soul”     https://meelosmom.podbean.com/

(If you have the Podbean app, you can see the featured images on my podcasts. Also, I am using the same image in this post.)

My gratitude for the original digital art, Seeking Light, by my sister, Martha Harris (See the featured image for this post.)….. You can find her works of art on Martha’s Artistic Flarings. https://artisticflarings.blog….

My gratitude to my sister Cynthia Cady Stanton, who is an ordained Presbyterian minister and hospice chaplain, for her poems, “Grace Shower” and “We are Needed.” You can find her services for spiritual care, weddings, funerals, and spiritual counseling online at her website https://cynthiacadystanton.com. And her poetry can be found at https://becomingandbeholding.com

My gratitude to Stephen Fuller for his poem, “Silent on Chauncey Creek”. His work can be found on https://FullbeardLit.org. He is Managing Editor of Go Dog Go Café: Where Writers Gather. https://godoggocafe.com. Check out both sites! You can promote your work every Monday and promote other writers’ work every Thursday.

I  also read a poem by The Buddha. “Thought”. You can find more examples of poetry by The Buddha and other Poet-Seers on https://poetseer.org

If you would like to contribute poetry to this podcast, you may submit it to me in a Word document attached in an email to me at meelosmom@gmail.com. On the subject line, indicate it is a submission to this podcast. I can fit it into a theme. In the email, include any pertinent information on yourself and publications you want me to promote, especially for the work submitted.

©Barbara Leonhard, https://extraordinarysunshineweaver.blog and https://meelosmom.podbean.com/

Image “Seeking Light” ©Martha Harris, Martha’s Artistic Flarings, https://artisticflarings.blog








4 thoughts on “Poetry Podcast – Seeking Light: Mindful Presence

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    1. Stephen, your words are so kind! I’m just delighted to feature one of your poems. Thank you for supporting my podcast here. It means the world to me. And I hope it spreads hope and draws more poetry to others. Also, I hope poets share poems that I might feature on my podcast. Go Dog Go Cafe has so many great people associated with it. I’m sure many writers share my gratitude. You are a big part of the draw of other writers to the cafe. ♥️

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      1. Thank you so much Barbara. Very happy to have you involved… and I have been thinking about how I can put a permanent link to your podcast… hmmm technology… I think I now how, let this be a part of the challenge of March!

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