Poet Weaver

I am a poet weaver. Many of my poems are spiritual, for I love going within to excavate the bits of my soul that need reassembly into words. As a sunshine weaver, I’m also a collagist, assembling snippets of images into a new whole with deep meaning. Each collage is a poem.My poetry weaves together... Continue Reading →

Memoirs of Walter Bargen, Missouri’s First Poet Laureate

I have uploaded an episode featuring Walter Bargen to my poetry podcast, Poetry: The Memoir of the Soul. You can access it here. https://meelosmom.podbean.com/e/memoirs-of-walter-bargen/ This episode features poems by Walter Bargen, who is Missouri’s first poet laureate. I read from Days Like This Are Necessary: New & Selected Poems, Trouble Behind Glass Doors, and Pole... Continue Reading →

Podcast: Grief and Racism Unmasked

I finally have a new episode up on my poetry podcast, Poetry: The Memoir of the Soul. Even though I have gotten some poems published, I lost my focus and momentum with the podcasts because I felt waylaid by COVID-19. https://meelosmom.podbean.com/e/grief-and-race-unmasked/ In this podcast, produced on Juneteeth, (June 19th), 2020, I recognize and honor the... Continue Reading →

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