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Cooking a Life with a Wire Spine – New Publication

Today, as a FEATURED post, Spillwords Press published a memoir poem I wrote about me and my mother. I’m so excited. Thank you, Spillwords!

This poem is one of 63 poems in my first poetry collection, a poetic memoir of my mother and me. More to come on that!

4 thoughts on “Cooking a Life with a Wire Spine – New Publication

  1. This is another fine example of your memoir poetry.
    I would surmise that your first stanza, specifically the last two lines, could stand as a metaphor for your mother.

    “The recipe book
    that Mom assembled
    in her own hand.
    The front cover, missing.
    The coffee-stained pages,
    some partly dislodged
    from the braided wire spine.
    Recipes harvested from lineages
    stuck together by spilled batter.”

    Congratulations, Barb

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