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Butterfly Dreams

In our slumber,

We shed the chrysalis.

Our dreams rise

As dawn’s light

From the wellspring

Of our hearts.

Tender, young, transitory visions

Lapsing into morning sun

As though the breeze

Carries them away

Before we capture the drift

Of these souls’ stories,

Gliding away in colors

Cast in sacred shapes and designs.


© 2018 Barbara Harris Leonhard

Image “Butterfly Dreams” ©Martha Harris See Martha’s Artistic Flarings

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Self-regard is essential for growth of love,

But ego can consume the soul of the one

And the soul of the all

If left to weed.

This is the time to tend the garden.

Let not rain to storm

Nor bounty to spoil

For the sake of self alone.

Fruit is to share, not squander.

One can’t tend the plants in hot sun

Wearing a crown.

A scepter makes a dull spade.

The garden can’t flourish

In the hands of the Shadow.

©Barbara Harris Leonhard