In a couple of previous posts (February 2018), I described the time I had measles encephalitis when I was six going on seven. One of those posts includes a poem about the experience, “Hope was not a Loss”. In the other post “Measles Encephalitis”, I described the event and showed how this illness and the... Continue Reading →

To Heal

To be mindful is to heal. Stay focused and decide To be whole Though critics say no. Fear is drought To the garden. Let thoughts wander past As breeze. May you be robust, lively, and flush, Blooming to your prime As rising sun Heating the soil For rain. May you be the nourishment Ministering to... Continue Reading →


Bloom as I take root on this plane may I receive the healing light of all that is divine may heaven meet earth through me to transmute the crusted fear that traps me in brambles may I grow my destiny without ego mind may I fully trust the divine order that teaches only love may I... Continue Reading →

Be You

Be You You are the light and not so well understood. You are maligned and mocked Just because of your courage To dance and sing your story. Stand in your truth. Our Mother, Gaia, supports you. Feel her beneath your feet And in your heart. Fear traps empathy And compassion for self. Your songs are... Continue Reading →


The Light is coming in to heal the curse of Ego. As we stand aside, we feel the mighty force of Cosmic Light. It feels like we are losing our minds or that our faces are being shorn off. This is a painful, visceral upheaval. We feel turned inside out and upside down. We are... Continue Reading →

The Dream

The Dream We are the subconscious of God cast as stars born of dust holding mysteries for Him to entertain. We are symbols in geometric mist, designed for play on colliding stages. We are joyous novas spinning in tune with cosmic harmonics from the fount of creation. We are the dream infinitum, His genesis, His... Continue Reading →

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