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Poetry Podcast on Mother Earth

I hope you like my new poetry podcast on Podbean. Poetry: The Memoir of the Soul.

Mother Earth must be talking to me because I have written a lot about her lately. I have a couple of guest poets in this podcast. Walter Bargen and Sharon Singing Moon.

Sorry for any irrelevant noises. I may need a producer! 🤓 There is beauty in imperfection, right?


©Barbara Leonhard,

©Walter Bargen, “Which brings us to one certainty”, published in Vox Populi

©Sharon Singing Moon,  “What Name, The Goddess”, from her book, Random Seed (2018, Compass Flower Press)

Music: “Back in 1951”, original tune by Dierik Leonhard, Ironweed Bluegrass Band, found at

Image: free wiki image

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