I am Your Mother

  I see you looking at me from a far      my curves draw you closer to my lush landscape      my sphere, toughened by time     hewn by gravity    held by dark matter Have you seen my sacred dance I spin in      ivory clouds, my shawl, the rivers, my beads of turquoise    the green, my bouquet of... Continue Reading →


Rice cooks, sheaths burst, steam rises for sacral birth.   Seeds hold life released by light. Flowers unfold deep soul in germination.   Such is life as it unfolds From seed to crypt. Genesis is not kind. We break free of the organ & in the pain of delivery, engage in battle.   A crust... Continue Reading →


I am crying for the Amazon because the loss of animal life and the trees is devastating. This poem honors our forests, the arms of the Goddess, still reaching out to us though we forget who she is, our dear Mother Earth. The way goes deep into these dark woods. Your Mag-lit blinks as shadows... Continue Reading →

This, a River

This, a River This, a river, I am not lines but curves Winding around sand bars Creating islands  Revealed in low tide My current pulses life Tadpoles, carp, algae I smile in light Shimmering reflections I draw in birds to feed I am poetry for travelers  On barges I hold kayaks as toys To capture... Continue Reading →

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