Three-Penny Memories is live on Amazon!

The day has arrived when my baby is delivered into your welcoming arms! Thank you, everyone, for all your growing support in the past few weeks. I’ve posted readings, more memories and background stories, and reviews of Three-Penny Memories on my blog. Today there is a Zoom launch party hosted by my publisher, Ingrid Wilson (EIF-Experiments in Fiction). You can find the link at the end of this post.

Thank you for your interest in my memoir, which tells my story about my care for my mother, who was navigating Alzheimer’s. My uncle’s question, “Do you love your mother?, forced me to consider if I was helping my mother out of love or out of obligation. The poems review the arc of our two lives sometimes in a dance and sometimes in flight. The poems speak of grief, abandonment, loss, and fear; of our “mother wounds”; of our connections and disconnections across the span of our love story in light, dusk, and echo.
How could I question my love for my mother while she was suffering from Alzheimer’s? Could I learn to love the stranger my mother was becoming?

His question, Do you love her, sent me into grief therapy and review of my love story with Mom. Just as she cared for me when I almost died from measles encephalitis, I cared for her as she suffered from Alzheimer’s. But love is a complex spectrum of light. Mom and I both bore wounds. The wounds of the mother and wounds of the daughter. Secrets aslant. We cared for each other in the shadows of abandonment. Would we find grace, peace, and forgiveness?

From Ingrid Wilson…
To mark the launch of the book, we will be holding a Zoom Launch Event on 15 October at 17:00 BST (12:00 EDT, 11:00 CDT) in which Barbara will read some poems, and we will talk about the creation of the book. We hope you can join us! Here are the Zoom details:
Topic: Three-Penny Memories Launch Event
Time: Oct 15, 2022 05:00 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 826 7926 9428
Passcode: 002013

Please join us! It would mean the world to me!

9 thoughts on “Three-Penny Memories is live on Amazon!

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  1. Oh, Barbara, this is amazing. So happy this glorious day is here. I wish I could tell you for sure that I’ll be awake for this glorious zoom event. but at 1a.m. I’m not at my best. Perhaps I’ll stay up long enough to take a peek and show you guys (you and Ingrid) how amazing I think you are. We will see.
    So… I just purchased the paperback. Should get it by Tuesday (I don’t have prime) I am so sure I will love it. And I promise to review it on Amazon when I am done or at a good place in the lovely book. YOu rock, lady. Enjoy this wonderful milestone. Here’s looking at you. Yay!

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