But a Pilgrim

This is not the end of this song

But the start

Now that I’ve called out to my soul

To open up my heart.


I don’t remember where I was

Nor where I’ll go

On this pathway

To and from my Soul.


And now as I look at crystals

Where embers may still be,

And so my Soul looks onward

To where I may find Thee.


Just as my soul warms up

To hold the morning dew,

So does my Soul awaken

My heart and make it new.


Where there is no Soul,

Is there no sun?

Where there is no sun,

Is there no noon?


Where there is no noon,

Is there no dusk?

Where there is no dusk,

Is there no eve?


Where there is no eve,

Will I find Thee?

My Soul is but a pilgrim

On this path to Thee.



Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard

Image:  German Woodcut – The Spiritual Pilgrim https://www.pinterest.com/pin/104568022569494198/



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